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About Engaging Yourself More in Work

I just recently stumbled into an article by Lori Deschene on TinyBuddha.com. Overall, it talks about how to create a work/life balance; how to accomplish your duty while allowing yourself to have some spaces for relaxation and enjoy the simple act of being. There is one quote from the article that I found interesting:

To be engaged at whatever I am doing, whenever I am doing it. What I do wholeheartedly energizes me, no matter what that is. It is only when I get into the pattern of getting through one thing in order to get to the next thing that I feel exhausted and overwhelmed. ~ Your To Be List (James McMahon and Lauren Rosenfeld)

Often in life, we might have to do some tasks that we found uninteresting, work-related or not. We are exhausted because we don’t really engage ourselves in the activity; we would rather be in somewhere else doing something else. In my cases, I have a bad habit of indulging myself in daydream whenever I got bored doing some menial tasks, resulting in a sloppy work.

The quote mentioned before kind of remind me to stop rushing into things and engage myself more in whatever I’m doing. Perhaps by doing so, I can find the subtle joy in such tasks and more appreciate my life as a whole.


Written by Andree

February 23, 2012 at 9:44 am

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